Robyn S Clark
(207) 563-8816
The Treasurer is responsible for managing the financial affairs of the Town to assure that public resources are responsibly and accurately received, safeguarded, accounted for, and distributed.  The Treasurer works to mitigate risks and liabilities in order to protect the personal and financial interests of Town residents, taxpayers, employees, and visitors.

This Department oversees the Town's cash management and investment program as well as the Town's debt service administration.  This is accomplished by establishing and maintaining an internal control structure designed to ensure that the assets of the Town are protected from loss, theft or misuse and to ensure that adequate accounting data are compiled to allow for the preparation of financial statements in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles.

Finally, financial reports prepared by the Treasurer accurately demonstrate the financial condition of the Town to assure access to financial markets.

Examples of Money Management:
  • Disbursement of employees' wages and benefits when a disbursement warrant has been signed by one or more designated municipal officers. 
  • Disbursement of payments for municipal education costs when a disbursement warrant has been signed by the school superintendent and approved by a majority of the school board or by a finance committee appointed or duly elected by the school board. 
  • Disbursement of state fees when a disbursement warrant has been signed by one or more designated municipal officers. 
  • Provide an account of the finances of the municipality and exhibit the official records to the municipal officers or to any committee appointed by them to examine the accounts. The municipal officers shall examine the treasurer's accounts at least once every 3 months.
  • Maintain a bank account in the municipality's name for the deposit of cash receipts. The treasurer shall deposit all cash receipts in the bank within 10 days. The treasurer may not commingle funds of the municipality with any personal funds or in any personal account of the treasurer.   The Treasurer is responsible for the reconciliation of the bank account (s)
  • Treasurer is direct contact for year-end financial reports and audits and will work directly with the auditor.
  • Assistant to Select Board: Attends and takes minutes at the Select Board and Budget Committee meetings